GYR Executive Committee

Director: Prof. Dr. Julia Weinmann-Menke Faculty 04 – University Medicine

Deputy Director: Prof. Dr. Florian Hett, Faculty 03 – Chair of Digital Economics

Members with voting power
  • Dr. Mark Bajohrs, Faculty 10, Biology
  • Dr. Christina Buetfering, Faculty 04, University Medical Center Mainz; Institute of Pathophysiology
  • Jun.-Prof. Dr. Barbara HenningFaculty 07, History and Cultural Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Florian Hett, Faculty 03, Digital Economics
  • María de Lourdes Ortega Méndez, Faculty 02, Faculty of Social Sciences, Media and Sports
  • Theresa Mentrup, Faculty 07, Anthropology and African Studies
  • Prof. Dr. Christine Walde, Faculty 07, History and Cultural Studies
  • Prof. Dr. med. Julia Weinmann-Menke, Faculty 04, University Medicine

Short profiles of the members (in german only)

Advisory substitutes
  • Dr. Ralf Eßmann, Institute of Molecular Biology
  • Tabea Gandelheidt, Faculty 03, Law, Management and Economics
  • Sait Can Kutsal, Faculty 07, History and Cultural Studys
  • Jun.-Prof. Elena Link, Faculty 02, Social Sciences, Media and Sport
  • Prof. Dr. Linda Hentschel, Mainz Academy of Fine Arts
  • Dr. Fabienne Pradella, Faculty 03, Chair of Statistics and Econometrics
  • Jun.-Prof. Robert Reinecke, Faculty 09, Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Geography and Geosciences
  • Prof. Dr. Barbara Thums, Faculty 05, Philosophy and Philology
  • Prof. Dr. Stefan Weinzierl, Faculty 08, Institute of Physics
  • Markus ViethFaculty 08, Physics, Mathematics and Computer Science

Short profiles of the advisory substitutes (in german only)

Consulting Member