At the annual DIES ACADEMICUS Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) honors young talents from across the entire spectrum of all university subjects for their outstanding dissertation or excellent artistic achievements. On this day, prizes will be awarded by external companies, institutions, funding agencies and independent foundations as well as by designated trust foundations. Also, the president┬┤s award for outstanding international students will be bestowed.

Unfortunately, due to the corona pandemic, the award ceremony on June 10 had to be cancelled.
We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Georg Krausch, President of JGU, sends his gratulations to the winners via video message.

GYR congratulates all awardees!

Brochure on outstanding dissertations and artistic performances

Broschure 2020 Brochure 2019

Every year, JGU presents all outstanding dissertations and artistic achievements to the public in a booklet. This "Dissertationsbroch├╝re" lists all awardees who have received a prize from an external company or institution, a funding agency, an independent foundation or a designated trust foundation since the last DIES ACADEMICUS. The winners of the Johannes Gutenberg University Prize, which is awarded annually by the faculties for a dissertation that is far above average are also presented in the brochure.