Activities of the GYR

The Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR) is donated by the Rhineland-Palatinate Research Initiative. It brings together and enhances the various support programs for young researchers, junior professors and research group leaders at JGU.

Current projects:

Doctoral students who complete a short stay at a foreign university or scientific institution as part of their doctorate are supported by the GYR with a travel grant. The grants can be applied for in the International Affairs Department.

The Portal gives insights to career paths, informs about funding options, offers for further qualification, mentoring and teaching support etc.

The Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers currently promotes small research groups in the humanities and social sciences.

Wrap up! - GYR Corona Mini Graduation Scholarship

The Gutenberg Nachwuchskolleg (GYR) provides short-term scholarships for doctoral students of the Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) to complete their dissertations, funded by the Research Initiative RLP.

Projects up to and including 2021:

GYR promotes lecture series on career orientation for early career researchers.

The project helps young researchers in making a well-founded decision regarding the career path they want to pursue and provides support to adapt their professional profile accordingly.

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The GYR honores a postdoctoral researcher with the Gutenberg Translation Award which finances the translation of an excellent publication.

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The GYR offers funds for (prospective) PhD candidates from abroad who want to come to Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) for a short-term research stay.

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