Welcome to the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR)

For the advancement of young researchers, scholars and artists at JGU

Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) considers the support for scientific and artistic young talents to be one of its core responsibilities.

When it comes to research and teaching, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers, junior professors, and young research group leaders are highly committed. They contribute essentially to the performance and reputation of the JGU.

By establishing the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers (GYR) in 2014, JGU follows an innovative path for enhancing the framework conditions for early career researchers and young artistic talents. The council includes excellent established researchers as well as early career researchers from different academic career stages in university development and management. Through this, the university as an expert organization benefits from the extensive know-how of all of its members, who actively take part in the university.

The GYR, together with The Gutenberg Research College (GRC) and The Gutenberg Teaching Council (GTC), forms part of a support structure that is central to the institutional strategy of JGU, which received praise during the Excellence Initiative of the German federal and state governments. Consisting of highly qualified experts, the three institutions perceive themselves as consultants of the university management on strategic matters.

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